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Sugar Daddies

What makes sugar daddies happy?

What do sugar daddies like? What motivates sugar daddies to be more generous?
Sugar babies love sugar daddies for their generous, supportive and spoiling nature. They are rich men who shower their bundles of youth, beauty and fun with extravagant gifts, money and trips.

However, sugar daddies stop investing in the relationship if their sugar baby is not keeping them happy, interested and satisfied. Here are ways to keep your rich sugar daddy happy.

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Tipps for keeping sugar daddies

• Stay beautiful
Sugar daddies love attractive and elegant looking women. Always look fabulous to the smallest detail whenever you are with him. Have almost-perfect hair and nails, wear clothes that compliment your figure and smell nice.

• Be a fun, cool sugar baby
Most sugar daddies search for sugar babies through reputable sites like because they want to spice up their lives with fun and feel young again. Drink with him, dance for him and show your sugar daddy that he is fun too.

• Fulfil his fantasies
Be the girl of your sugar daddy’s dreams. Sugar daddies date sugar babies because they have things they want to try and experience. To keep him satisfied, you have to fulfil your sugar daddy’s fantasies and needs, in and out of the bedroom.

• Be updated and knowledgeable
Be intelligently familiar with your sugar daddy’s lifestyle, taste and the topics he likes to talk about. Although these men are more into striking looks and youth, they also love a woman who can go toe-to-toe in a conversation with them.

More tipps for getting and keeping sugar daddies

• Have no drama
They are turned off by drama. As his sugar babe, don’t nag, act clingy or throw fits and tantrums. Be so calm with him that it’s you he thinks about when he wants affection minus drama.

• Mind your business
Sugar daddies do not like questions about their wives, residence or kids. If he wants you to know, he will willingly tell you. Otherwise, asking too many personal questions will make you look ingenuine and scare him away.

• Show appreciation
They love to be appreciated.Showing your sugar daddy that you are grateful is important if you want him to be happy and generous. Do something to make him feel special. It can be a well-choreographed lap dance, role play or wear your sugar daddy’s favourite colour and be a sweet sugar baby!

The grand, luxurious lifestyle that comes with most sugar daddies is worth the effort. Keep your sugar daddy happy to stay happy too!