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Sugar Daddy Definition

sugar daddy definition – What is the definition of a sugar Daddy?

Are you potentially interested in a sugar Daddy relationship but want to know what a sugar Daddy definition is before you take things any further ? Then read on. This article will give you a complete sugar Daddy definition and answer any questions you may have about any aspect of what a sugar Daddy definition is.

Sugar Daddy Definition

What is a sugar Daddy definition?

Perhaps the easiest sugar Daddy definition is that of a man being with a partner who is sufficiently young enough that he could actually be that person’s Dad. Typically this age gap is anything from twenty years upwards. This age gap explains the “Daddy” part of the term “sugar Daddy”.

Is there anything more to a sugar Daddy definition than this?

Yes, there is usually much more to a sugar Daddy definition than just a difference in age. The sugar part of the term refers to the fact that the older man is usually financially secure and wealthy and a further aspect of a sugar daddy definition is the fact that, being wealthy in this way, the Daddy in the relationship will then often use his wealth and affluence to lavish his younger partner with gifts and treats. The wealth of the Daddy will also often ensure that as a couple the Daddy and his partner will get to enjoy the finer things in life together, such as expensive, quality holidays, high class dining and a general high standard of living that would probably be hard for a younger couple to attain.

Some people also believe that the greater experience of life and general wisdom that comes from being older is another aspect of a sugar Daddy definition. The Daddy in the relationship is able to pass this experience and wisdom on to his younger partner and can use it to help them in the various situations in which they may find themselves in their life.

Where can I find my own sugar Daddy?

So, now you know what a sugar Daddy definition is, you may be ready to take things further and find your own sugar Daddy. is an excellent place to begin your search today offering the chance to meet sugar Daddies that are local to you. Good luck and have fun.