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Sugar Daddy definition

Sugar daddy definition – What the sugar daddy definition is, sugar daddy definition explained

The sugar daddy definition is a man who is very wealthy and dates younger women. In the return for his happiness in the relationship he showers her with money, expensive gifts and expensive gift cards etc. This form of dating is referred to as sugaring. The female in the relationship is referred to as a sugar babe. The sugar babe is usually younger and very pretty a bit like a trophy for all the hard work the sugar daddy has done all his life. This is the basic sugar daddy definition.

Sugar daddy definition

Sugar daddy definition

Sugar daddy definition – the male part

I will explain more depth of the sugar daddy definition now. The sugar daddy is the male partner in the relationship. He is a rich man and mature who likes to date with younger sugar babes. He will shower her using his wealth in return for a happy relationship for example giving her money, taking her out, buying her expensive gifts and sending gift cards. He will gain happiness from a relationship with the sugar babe in return. This is more about the male partner in the sugar daddy definition.

Sugar daddy definition – the female part

The sugar daddy definition of the female partner is referred to as the sugar babe or sugar baby. She is a very pretty well groomed young sophisticated lady who is willing to date older men. She will usually join a dating site related to the sugar daddy definition in the hope she can meet a rich man. These ladies like the idea of being with a rich man as she can enjoy the high life while being looked after by a man who appreciates her for what she is. She will enjoy a normal relationship with the added bonus of being pampered with expensive gifts and in return give a man happiness from the relationship. Hope you have more of an incite to the sugar daddy definition now. It is a win win situation for both partners where they both gain happiness from money really. He enjoys pampering her while she enjoys being pampered.