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Sugar daddy for me: Why I date older men

Today sugar dating has become a very common thing for women. Sugar babies have become very many and very aggressive. Each sugar baby wants to find the best sugar daddy for them. “A sugar daddy for me is someone who is willing to give anything I want, ” says Koko. I have heve been a sugar baby for 3 years now and I can say I found the right sugar daddy for my lifestyle. He is loving rich and very generous with his money which is all a sugar baby wants.

A sugar daddy for me is supposed to pay my bills and He does just that. I can ask him for anything and he will give it to me” Koko continues to explain the benefits of dating a sugar daddy. Her real name is Kerry but her sugar baby name is Koko. A sugar baby has the power to choose what sugar daddy she wants and smart sugar babies know how to pick.

Sugar daddy for me: How to find my Mr Right

sugar daddy for me

sugar daddy for me

Koko shares more by adding “I tried asking friends to connect me to rich men that they knew but that didn’t go quite well. They were not the sugar daddy for me. They were either not willing to give me what I want or just didn’t quite impress me. This is why I went to look for my the sugar daddy for me online. Finding the sugar daddy for me required me to filter a lot of profiles.

The dating websites allow a person to filter from age to money and other qualifications”. she continues “I am also very picky I wanted a good looking sugar daddy for me. I would just look at their profile picture and know if he is the sugar daddy for me or not. Lucky for me I had little trouble finding a sugar daddy who was willing to accept my terms. Ask any sugar baby and you will hear them say “A sugar daddy for me is someone with a lot of money to spoil me”.”It is not all about the money for me. I wanted the financial support but at the same time, I wanted it to be fun.

Dates with financial benefits are perfect for me

A sugar daddy for me is respectful and a perfect gentleman. A man of his words and promises. I would advise the sugar babies to be smart about choosing a sugar daddy. You want someone who will spoil you and pamper you just like you want him to or more”. She added “I like being a sugar baby because I do not have to worry about my bills or money in general anymore. I would also tell new sugar babies not to be shy when it comes to telling the sugar daddy what they want. If you speak up he has no reason to deny you anything” Koko insisted.