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Sugar Daddy Goals – Sugar Daddy needs

Sugar Daddy Goals – introduction

What do you want you sugar daddy goals to be? I want my sugar daddy goals to be reachable, and that’s why I use! The website where I can get someone who matches all of my sugar daddy goals. Someone fun, sweet, and who likes all of the same activities as me. I recently met someone who reached all the sugar daddy goals I had, and even one rather bizarre one. I like to go element collecting.

Sugar Daddy Goals

Sugar Daddy Goals- why needing a Sugar Daddy?

It’s a weird hobby to have, I know. With, I managed to find a sugar daddy who likes (or rather puts up with) my little adventures element collecting, and is sweet and treats me like a princess. Who would have thought that I would have managed to tick off all of these sugar daddy goals? I only ever dreamt that this person existed until lately! It seems crazy. I know I am different, but that’s just life. I love how easy it was to reach my goals. And I love how non judgemental people have been about my rather obscure sugar daddy goals. I do think that I have a fantastic future with my sugar daddy, there will most certainly be more adventures of my strange hobby, fun with my sugar daddy, nights out, dinners, picnics, walks, talks, drinks (all of which were other sugar daddy goals I had – just not as peculiar ones!), and so much more with my sugar daddy, but I also do know that if things unfortunately things do not continues with him (it is early days yet, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself too soon), that I have to help me to find a just as suitable sugar daddy for me who will also reach all of my goals again, even if they are very very weird! But, for now, I’ll carry on having a great time with my wonderful current sugar daddy! The question is where to next? And what new goals should I add to my list and ask him to tick off for me?