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Sugar Daddy Interview – Real Talk

Sugar Daddy Interview Part one

We meet Stephen for his Sugar Daddy interview at his club in Oxford. We have to be very discreet and our conversation swiftly meanders to other topics whenever the staff or other members come near. The club is one of the oldest of its kind in the UK but is also technically illegal as to all intents and purposes it does not exist. No rent is paid, no taxes and the members are all men. Members and visitors smoke indoors with no fear of punishment and the only ladies allowed come in through the back entrance and are paid off by the manager who, in turn, adds the fee to members’ bills.

Sugar Daddy Interview

Sugar Daddy Interview Part two

“You understand that I am not comfortable talking to you? I did this because I know that my relationship is coming out in the press soon. I’ve spoken to my lawyer and in turn… on his advice… I have spoken to my ex-wife and our children. That was not a fun chat. I hoped that by taking the time to get my feelings down on the matter in advance I would be able to use you guys to control the narrative a little bit.”

Sugar Daddy Interview Part three

“Tell you about our relationship from the start? That is a bit vague and broad.”

I start to clarify and he waves me off.

“I met her online, okay? I visited a website that only exists to allow rich men to find young attractive women.”

“I worked bloody hard! I’ve reached the top of my game and I want to get my rewards. Young men do not deserve young women. Let them go seek out Cougars to teach them and leave the hot bodies to me! I have no shame about what I have done.” “Mandy is 18 and perfect. I am paying for her to go to university and I am broadening her cultural experiences by taking her where ever she desires. She is unbelievably sexy but more importantly she is an empty vessel seeking to be filled rather than being a rucksack full of prejudices.”
“Yeah. So I’ve not been that discreet. The Mayor of London was jealous. The Prime Minister of Japan was judgemental (on the surface). I’m shocked, to be honest, that it didn’t come out before.”

Sugar Daddy interview part four

“I know I have hardly been forthcoming with all the titillating details that you want but I thought it much more important to simply be honest and blunt about what is happening. I don’t want to do a tell-all piece, I simply wanted to remove the chance of being blackmailed. I’m proud to be a sugar daddy.”