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Sugar Daddy Near Me

Sugar Daddy Near Me – how to find a rich guy

My friends were sugar daddy hunters. The group of us hung out together, frequented bars and clubs that rich men patronized, and built relationships where the dads bought us expensive things. We helped each other out with our wisdom and strategies, each with a common goal – find and keep a sugar daddy near me.

Ironically enough, some men don’t like to feel targeted for their money. When you start asking them what they do for a living and what kind of car they drive, and such, they get their backs up.

“They want to be admired for their charm, good looks and personality!” My friend Hazel was annoyed. She was fuming about a man she had talked to at the bar, who was taken aback by her somewhat direct style of interrogation.


Sugar Daddy Near Me – success is sexy

She continued, “Is that why he’s walking around that club, wearing that suit? Damn, he was hot, too! He was so hot in that suit. He wanted me until I started talking. Just once, I’d like to be able to keep a sugar daddy near me!”

“Amen,” I replied, and the four of us clinked our glasses.

Each of us had our own good reason for being a sugar baby. The In Touch With Your Inner Goddess course I was taking emphasized putting great stock in your own value. I was more than happy to do that.

Sugar Daddy Near Me – The New Way

I stared at the text message from Hazel: I found a sugar daddy near me on the Internet. Lots of potential, Sash.

A dating site for sugar daddies? Alright, okay, I thought. I would give that a whirl and see if I could find a sugar daddy near me.

Not too long after joining, one gent wanted me to fly to Germany to meet him. Excited by the prospect , but scared of the possibility of things going badly so far from home, I chickened out at the last minute. I really wanted a sugar daddy near me.


sugar daddy near me

sugar daddy near me

Finding a sugar daddy near me online

About a month later, a new profile appeared on the site. The daddy lived in the town right next to mine and we started chatting and getting to know one another. It turned out, he was an entrepreneur, with a generous budget for a sugar baby. Not to mention, he looked quite delicious. We flirted for a few weeks online, without actually meeting. He had a lovely sense of humour.

When we finally met, my Inner Goddess suddenly became confused. This man looked familiar. I recognized him as Hazel’s angry man at the club, but said nothing. I finally revealed my friendship with Hazel, the appalling women at the bar, and asked why he decided to be a sugar daddy.

Keeping a Sugar Daddy Near Me

He replied with a laugh, “Don’t tell your friend this, but I’m actually attracted to women who are attracted to power and money. It shows they value themselves to want the best. But they do need to employ general tact and manners.” And so he told me about the types of sugar daddy arrangements that work for him.

I felt like I should be writing this down for Hazel…

So my Inner Goddess course was right, and that was how I found a sugar daddy near me!