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Sugar Daddy Needed

Sugar Daddy Needed – sponsor me

I thought I would need to take an advert out in the local paper: Sugar Daddy Needed. Every time I met someone they’d think I was a hooker or treat me like a silly little girl. Young guys were useless, poor old guys were desperate. It was sad.

Sugar Daddy Needed – Apply to Kandice!

I planned out my Sugar Daddy Needed advert but it did not prove to be necessary. I had too much to drink one night at the local Hilton and I met Mandy. Mandy was a sugar babe who was there dating her Sugar Daddy.”You don’t need to take out a Sugar Daddy Needed advert! Just visit a sugar daddy online chat, you silly sausage.”

Sugar Daddy Needed – I want to be spoiled

sugar daddy needed

sugar daddy needed

Everyone on the website had the same problem. They all had profiles that said “Sugar Daddy Needed” but by placing my Sugar Daddy Needed advert there my life changed for the better. This was what I had been looking for, a site packed to the gunnels with rich, confident and ever so sexy older men. Finally I had come home!

I met Mark on my third attempt at dating through the site. He and I chatted for a long time before deciding to meet up. Mark was very modest and kept things very simple to begin with. We went out to dinner at lovely but off the beaten track restaurants, we took in shows in the B theatres and we went to parties where the press didn’t attend.

It was amazing but not what I had expected. It was after we had been going out for 3 months that we went to a huge posh restaurant in the heart of London to be greeted by the Chef we had met months before. Mark had so loved his food that he bought the team a venue in Central London. The show we saw was suddenly on Broadway, financed by Mark. The people we partied with turned out to be software developers. Mark now owns their business. My sugar daddy is one of those guys who is always one step ahead.

My daddy spoils me like a princess

Last week we toured the country via helicopter and limo. We visited hundreds and hundreds of petrol stations. It turns out Mark is buying them up ultra cheap to turn into small supermarkets with electric car recharge points.I suppose I didn’t take out a Sugar Daddy Needed advert in the end but I still got what I wanted. I would not exchange Mark for any amount of money. He is amazing, smart, caring and so very, very clever. He is talking about giving me a business as soon as he spots the right one. I trust his judgement.