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Sugar Daddy Online Only

Sugar Daddy online only rather than meeting in real life?

This may apply to you. You’d like a source of income like a sugar daddy but do not wish to meet. Maybe you don’t like to meet people you only heard about over the internet? Or maybe you already have a boyfriend or husband? Maybe you don’t want a boyfriend at all?
Well if you are after an online only sugar baby it is best to use a reputable sugar daddy site and really get to know the person before committing to send them any money.
Most sugar babies would perhaps prefer to meet someone before asking for money. It might be possible to virtually meet your sugar daddy but it obviously depends on the website.

Sugar daddy online only: Can this work?

sugar daddy online only

sugar daddy online only

The other thing is that if a man is an actual sugar daddy to a particular lady and an sugar daddy online only to another lady, who is more likely to receive more money? It seems that the first lady is at least showing an interest in the sugar daddy, whether or not a romance happens between them. The second one may just be an afterthought to him.

The other thing is less men want to be a sugar daddy online only, though there still ways which you can have a romantic relationship. Most men join a site like this to actually met someone, rather than virtually meet someone. Being a sugar daddy online only can hardly be regarded as the perfect relationship.

Meeting your sugar daddy in person for the first time

Could a sugar daddy online only turn into a real relationship when you actually meet? Well anything is possible, but the sugar daddy may decide you two are never going to meet after a while and he destined in being a sugar daddy online only for ever.
It is probably best to decide whether you are going to meet the sugar daddy very early on. He needs to know where he stands – sugar daddy online only or real sugar daddy. Though this might mean the man moves on it’s probably better than pretending you will meet.
Does a sugar daddy online only even feel like a relationship? Or is it just some lady getting money off you? Well there must be something in it, otherwise rich men wouldn’t do it, would they?
Obviously an online only sugar daddy can never be as fun as a real sugar daddy but it can be a way out of tricky financial problems.