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Sugar Daddy Pictures: Keeping Sugar In the Family

Since I was little, I loved being with my dad and spending time with him. I think that’s why I like looking at sugar daddy pictures so much today. He used to take us fishing in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. That was until I was about seven and my brother and sister (twins )were 10. Then my dad left us. No, he didn’t die. He left us for someone my mom referred to as “that slut.”

Sugar Daddy Pictures – Mom and Dad

Sugar daddy pictures

Sugar daddy pictures

I’m not one hundred per cent positive about the details, but I think he probably didn’t totally abandon us – the courts probably granted her sole custody because she fought for it. She’s tight-lipped, for sure. Nope, I’m pretty sure Daddy loved us to bits. He ended up moving far away, to Arizona, but he always remembers our birthdays and holidays and we’ve managed to visit him regularly every year, since Daddy makes lots of money with his business and pays for our airfare.

We’ve been on cruises and holidays to really great places. Mom is pretty bitter, and I honestly don’t blame her for being crusty now that I’m old enough to understand that my dad was, in fact, kind of a jerk. He didn’t stay with the slut – he found another girlfriend. And another. And another. We met them when we went to visit. Then, she’d be gone, replaced by a fresh new one, like an Airwick air freshener.We’d come home from our visit and Mom would ask, “How’s the slut?”

Not wanting to throw fuel on her demonic hatred of Dad, we’d answer, “Oh fine Mom. She’s nothing near as pretty as you, don’t worry.” Then she would revert to her sweet, adorable Mom persona.

Sugar Daddy Pictures – Why Not?

I started looking at sugar daddy pictures when my friend Shireen told me she was dating rich older men. This seemed rather unremarkable to me until she told me about the droves of rich older men that were looking for younger girls to date. She showed me the sugar daddy pictures on, the site she was on. Why, it was unbelievable. The sugar daddy pictures were lovely, actually, with some sugar baby pictures thrown in as well. There were some really handsome men out there, at least, according to the sugar daddy pictures, who had nothing but the most sincere interest than to blow a nice wad of cash on a girl.

Sugar Daddy Pictures – Well I Never!

I thought about how much I loved my dad and how safe he made me feel and how much I loved all the gifts he showered on us. Then and there, I decided to join the site. As Shireen and I joked and laughed at some of the photos, I suddenly noticed sugar daddy pictures of a person I knew very well. It was Mother! She of all people had the guts to search for a sugar daddy phone number online!
Needless to say, I never confronted Mom about the sugar daddy pictures but I did mention it to dad. I showed him her sugar daddy pictures on my phone on a visit to Arizona.He wrinkled his nose and smiled fondly…”She never told you? That’s how Mom and I met!”