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sugar daddy prices for mutually beneficial dates


Discussing sugar daddy prices isn’t something everyone wants to do when entering into a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. However, some people are more business-minded than others. Also, it’s true that being a sugar daddy can entail a financial element to benefit the sugar babe involved.

Some sugar babes will have a firm idea of their anticipated sugar daddy prices and will be thinking of this in terms of a daily, monthly or weekly amount paid to them by their sugar daddy. In return, they’ll lavish love and affection on their sugar daddy, spending time with him. If you’re thinking about sugar daddy prices and are worried about simply plucking a figure out of thin air the following information about rates for girls who charge for their time and companionship might help you decide.


Sugar daddy prices vary from arrangement to arrangement


sugar daddy prices

sugar daddy prices

Although having a sugar daddy isn’t like being an escort in any respect, the rates that escorts charge for their services can be useful and insightful in terms of a benchmark. For example, did you know that the going rate for booking an escort is in the region of 100 pounds an hour or more? When talking about an overnight booking, some escorts charge over 1000 pounds, which helps to put sugar daddy prices into perspective. Successful men looking for a sugar baby will be happy to discuss the financial benefits with you, so don’t be shy. It’s part of the sugar dating game after all.

Having a sugar daddy isn’t like being an escort because escorts offer specific services for their fee, which has to be paid in cash. Having a sugar daddy benefits a sugar babe in different ways. The arrangement doesn’t have to be formal or necessarily sexual. Money doesn’t have to come into it at all, in which case you won’t even be discussing sugar daddy prices. A sugar daddy could support his sugar babe by buying her gifts. Some daddies even buy a house for her to live in rather than giving her money.


Discuss the sugar daddy prices during your first date


For those who want a formal arrangement with a sugar daddy, sugar daddy prices will come into play. However, this could be more like an allowance in return for being his girlfriend. If paid directly into a bank account or through paypal, exchanging cash doesn’t have to take place at all. This will be a relief to many who might view exchanging cash and discussing sugar daddy prices as rather undesirable. Most prefer to treat it as something that should not be overtly obvious.

So, sugar daddy prices can vary and may not figure as part of a sugar babe’s strategy at all. What really matters is that you have the correct arrangement in place for you and your sugar daddy. This must be one you’re both completely comfortable with. Sugar daddy prices should never come between the two of or remain area that hasn’t been thought about or covered off. The arrangement is there to ensure both of you get what they want and need out of the dates.