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Sugar Daddy Questions

Sugar Daddy Questions answered

So many sugar daddy questions have been asked but there are a number of major sugar daddy questions that one ought to know. First of the Sugar daddies questions – Why the modern girl dates sugar daddies?
Sugar daddies are known to be older, wealthy and sexually active men who prefer the company of younger, sexually attractive younger girls.
Sugar daddies spend tons of money on their sugar babies getting them all sorts of material elements that frankly seem to be the primary attraction for the 21st-century girl and these clearly answers the above sugar daddy questions. A few years back, dating a sugar daddy was considered immoral; however, with time this has gradually changed. Girls consider sugar daddies as the new boyfriends. Consequently, the under lying question remains ‘what has changed?’ The allure of a powerful, wealthy and intelligent man lies within old age and not the rampant hormone driven boy.

Sugar daddy questions – What are the benefits of dating sugar daddies?

From the look of things, the financial benefit of these sugar daddy questions is a constant. Sugar daddies have the money to shop and sugar babies like to shop; a recipe that seems to favour the girl. Sugar daddies are also known to be more caring than their younger counterpart as they are significantly mature and experienced in the dating world. Sugar daddies are also known to leave their emotions out the door when dating younger girls. This subsequently means a girl does not have to deal with jealous behaviour.
sugar daddy questions

sugar daddy questions

Sugar daddies are also hailed as delicate lovers and sexual activity is placed on the minimum. Young lads are driven by raging hormones and require sexual activity on a regular basis. On the contrary, sugar daddies are more in check and when active are more gently. Sugar daddies are easy to detach from when mutually breaking up. Unlike the traditional boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic that is filled with pain and resentment after break up, sugar daddy relationships are impassive so to speak.

Sugar daddies are known to be more honest than their younger counterparts are. Lies, distrust as well as cheating are the primary factors that are known to kill traditional relationships. When dealing with sugar daddies this is not the case considering the relationship is based on sex and material gain.

Sugar daddy questions – The downside of dating sugar daddies

The downside of dating sugar daddies is primarily is another major of the sugar daddy questions and it’s based on the image that is perceived by a girl’s peers. High-class prozzies, Gold diggers, pathetic sex workers this are but some of the tags that are branded on sugar babies. Though one may assume such terms the society does play a role in moulding an individual and effects have been documented about the negative aspects of name-calling. However, there are so many different types of sugar daddy arrangements that this cannot considered to be the norm.

The other issues are that when one dates a sugar daddy they are known to be psychologically challenged. Most sugar babies are said to have ‘daddy issues’ a factor that only applies in blanket condemnation. A number of sugar babies have highlighted stable mental proficiencies. It is therefore important to consider all the above sugar daddy questions before you commit yourself to this kind of relationship.