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Sugar Daddy Quiz

Sugar Daddy Quiz – know your sugar daddy

ME: This is your Sugar Daddy Quiz, you have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.
Sugar Daddy: Okay.
Me: Are you ready for your Sugar Daddy Quiz?
Sugar Daddy: I guess so. Why are we doing a Sugar Daddy Quiz, Charlotte?
Me: Your Sugar Daddy Quiz is about you and us. It is very important that… oh just play along will you? I watched Mastermind last night and I fancied doing a Sugar Daddy Quiz for my  sugar daddy blog.
Sugar Daddy: Why would you want a Sugar Daddy Quiz on your blog?
Me: Just play along please!
sugar daddy quiz

sugar daddy quiz

Sugar Daddy: It is your Sugar Daddy Quiz, start when you want.
Me: Your time starts now. How rich are you?
Sugar Daddy: Net or gross? Ready cash or include capital etc?
Me: You are determined to ruin this, aren’t you?
Sugar Daddy: No! No! Honestly I was just…Okay, the Times Rich list estimates me to be worth approximately 9.87 Billion Pounds. My accountants tell me that if the tax man comes knocking they will find a way to prove I’m actually worth half of that.
Me: I thought this was going to be fun, quick-fire.
Sugar Daddy: Aww Sweetie, I’m sorry. I’ll try again.

Sugar Daddy Quiz – Do you love me?

Me: Who do you love?
Sugar Daddy: My Snuffikins-sexy-pants.
Me: Correct. Who will be buying Snuffikins-sexy-pants a new pony this weekend for mucking up her blog?
Sugar Daddy: That would be me.
Me: Correct. What website did you meet Snuffikins-sexy-pants on?
Sugar Daddy:
Me: Correct. Where did we go on holiday last year?
Sugar Daddy: That is a trick question. I never went on holiday. You, however, went on holiday to Bali, Bermuda, Birmingham and Boston whilst I was at work there.
Me: Correct. How did we get to those places?
Sugar Daddy: Mostly by my private jet.
Me: Correct. Did we join the Mile High Club?
Sugar Daddy: Join? No. We have had sex so many times in that plane that we should be charter members of that club.
Me: Correct. Why do we… Beep… beep… beep… I’ve started so I’ll finish… Who do you love?
Sugar Daddy: You. You my adorable, silly, sexy, beautiful little minx. I am speechless. You my angel, my rescuer, my amazing and wonderfully fantabulous lady. You. Forever and ever and ever.
Me: Correct. But I’ve just realised I asked you the wrong question so I’ve got one more.
Me: Why do we work so well as a couple?
Sugar Daddy: Because you love to be treated like a lady and I love to be the alpha male provider. We complete each other. I educate, you learn. I earn, you spend. I’m old, you are young…
Me: So very correct!