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Sugar Daddy Reviews

Sugar Daddy Reviews – My Sugar Daddy

I hit a random word generator for the title of today’s blog and I got “Sugar Daddy Reviews”. This is fine as I do have a Sugar Daddy but it is an odd little phrase. Does “Sugar Daddy Reviews” mean that I should review my Sugar Daddy? Maybe “Sugar Daddy Reviews” means I should ask my Sugar Daddy to give his opinion on various objects? Now I come to think about it maybe “Sugar Daddy Reviews” means that I should review Sugar Daddy dating sites? This would be tricky as I’ve only used one. How can I give Sugar Daddy Reviews on just one site?It was awesome.I met my Sugar Daddy.

End of Sugar Daddy Reviews.

What I really want to do is just get on with talking about the fabulous things we did this week instead of playing this game any more. The problem is I did agree with my girlfriends that I would always at least try to write a blog based upon whatever dating experience I had… so here we go:


Sugar Daddy Reviews

Sugar Daddy Reviews

Sugar Daddy Reviews


My Sugar Daddy is in his 50s, a billionaire and extremely fit. When I compare him to many of the Sugar Daddies of my peers it is clear that he is amongst the youngest, fittest and richest in our cohort.

My Sugar Daddy does work far too many hours (especially compared to those who have retired). However, he tries too hard to make up for absences through presents. Many of my peers say that I am being daft and that this just makes our relationship better. The truth is, I just pity them. Why have a sugar daddy if you don’t want to spend time with him?

My Sugar Daddy runs a very important company and he often travels to Australia with me. His Australian offices are very nice but I do find visiting a country where 90% of the plants and animals want to kill you to be a bit scary. Other Sugar Daddies take their Sugar Babes to places like New York or Paris. I get Alice Springs and Melbourne.


So there are negatives about sugar daddies


I’m kidding! Negatives! I’m married to a guy in his mid 50s who runs 10km a day, swims 2km every two days, places squash every night and can play my body like Slash can play the electric guitar! I have an unlimited credit card and a man I love so deeply it hurts. Sugar daddy travel is the most lavish holiday you cold ever imagine. I can’t review my Sugar Daddy because he is perfect and a review of something perfect will be a pretty darned boring review indeed. Sugar Daddy Reviews… Done!