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Sugar Daddy Rules

Sugar Daddy Rules – 1. Make the Effort


Looking for a sugar daddy? Well, here are my sugar daddy rules for finding one and keeping one! In order to find a sugar daddy, you are going to have to put in some legwork. You won’t just fall over one walking down the street for example. You need to be in the right places, at the right times or at least get yourself on a website such as as a starting point.

sugar daddy rules

sugar daddy rules

Sugar Daddy Rules – 2. Be Yourself

When all is said and done, if the two of you don’t hit it off and don’t have things in common this isn’t going to go the distance so it is important to be yourself, while also keeping an open mind. You may find a partner that has totally different interests to you. Make an effort and try some of them, but stay true to yourself. If you have never been (for example) horse riding but your date loves it, then give it a go once. If it isn’t for you then you should feel to say so.

Sugar Daddy Rules – 3. Find Things In Common

As much as you may not like all of the same things (see Sugar daddy rules – 2.Be Yourself above) there will certainly be some things where you find a common ground and that’s a good place to start. It gives you something to discuss initially and prevents any awkward silences in that very first meeting. It also allows you to see if this is something that might have staying power over the longer term. And if you are unsure you are a good fit: Do not hesitate to check out a good sugar daddy website to find your Mr Right!

Sugar Daddy Rules – 4. Appreciate Their Work

Unfortunately, most sugar daddies I have met have only got there because of hard work and determination. That’s means that sometimes he may have to cancel on you last minute or something may crop up that means your date gets cut short. Don’t be disheartened! This happens to all of us at some point and as long as he wants to see you again then it isn’t anything personal. After all one of the most important sugar daddy rules is to respect each other’s private life and obligations.

Sugar Daddy Rules – 5. Have Your Own Interests

It’s also very important to keep your own interests and not become too reliant or clingy. This allows you time to yourself to indulge in things that make you happy. Coveniently, it also keeps him on his toes! He needs to know you have your own very exciting and interesting life (the one you had before the two of you met). This shows you are independent which is a positive trait and will also make him want to be a part of it!