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Sugar Daddy Scam: How to recognize and avoid

It is not rare to find “Sugar Daddies” on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook offering tons of money out of nowhere. They say they are searching for a loyal and honest Sugar Baby, and are willing to pay above-average allowances. We know it may be tempting, but be aware that there is a lot of Sugar Daddy Scam going on and you can never be too careful…

Learn to recognize if you can trust a suspiciously generous Sugar Daddy:

Signs of a Sugar Daddy Scam

Here are some signs that a “Sugar Daddy” has no intention of sponsoring you, but rather to scam:

A Man walking suspiciously in the dark

As the last one on the list is the most difficult to detect and least known, we will cover it in more detail in the sequence.

How the scam works

An example of Sugar Daddy Scam on Twitter.

The scam is quite simple: first, the “SD” transfers money to your account via PayPal, for example. He even sends you the transfer confirmation so you don’t get suspicious. Then, he invents a reason for you to transfer the money from your own account to another account or send him the gift card code.

Example of Sugar Daddy Scam on Instagram

The thing is that it takes some time for the transfer to be authorized and the money to fall into your account. And in the meanwhile, he is pushing you to do everything very quickly. But beware: if you transfer him money, or send him these codes, you’ll never see this money again!

The reason is that the scammer can reverse the transfer. Or the bank may recognize that the transaction was fraudulent and withdraw these funds from your account. As a result, the scammer ends up with the money that you transferred back or spent on the vouchers.

Too good to be true

As a general hint: be always suspicious when things are too good to be true! A real Sugar Daddy doesn’t simply offer you money out of nothing. After all, a Sugar Relationship is an agreement-based mutually beneficial relationship. Real Sugar Daddies are classy men who know what they want, and they expect the same from you.

Second, the likelihood of finding a scammer in specialized sugar dating websites is way less than in social media. After all, it takes time and dedication to build a good profile in sugar dating platforms. Scammers, on the other hand, will normally opt for the easier way which is a fake profile on Instagram or Facebook.

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