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Sugar Daddy Story of a Sugar Baby

Sugar Daddy Story: My Experience with a rich guy

Welcome to my sugar daddy story where I’m going to be discussing my first 3 sugar daddies, and my favourite qualities of each one! I hope that my sugar daddy story will help any sugar babies get a feeling of how wonderful these generous guys are! Finding a sugar daddy for me was a challenge, but it was definitely worth it!


Sugar Daddy Story #1: Christoph


sugar daddy story

sugar daddy story

My first sugar daddy story begins with Christoph. He was a handsome, tall, tanned, stockbroker who I met on the website and decided to have lunch with. Obviously, this is my first sugar daddy story so I was pretty hesitant about meeting him! We decided to meet downtown and have lunch at a luxurious restaurant inside a hotel. Let’s just say that it was pretty convenient that the restaurant was located inside the hotel since we got a room after. He was charming, sophisticated and a workaholic. I understood that all he desired was someone to see here and there. Maybe grab dinners with, and maybe have a little fun with later. His sweet warm personality was what made me feel comfortable with the experience. In fact, it motivated me too meet more guys online!


Sugar Daddy Story #2: Daniel


My second sugar daddy story happened a month after where online I met Daniel. Now Daniel was an artist, he painted oil on canvas masterpieces and was an avid reader. So the story begins like this, we started chatting online and discussing his work. Later on, he offered for me to come over to his studio apartment to see his paintings and get to know each other. Once I got there, we really hit it off, he was funny, witty and most of all poetic. I felt comfortable around him and for a very generous gift; I took my clothes off and posed as his muse, while he illustrated a painting of me. Our relationship took off and I mostly became his muse. Eventually I would come over once a week, pose and in return receive the best gifts ever. Chanel Purses? Thank you.


Sugar Daddy Story #3: Unknown


Now my last sugar daddy story is the man I am currently seeing, so to respect our privacy I am going to keep his name private. I met him on the website and we decided to meet up at a little café in his neighbourhood last week. We got coffee and then took a stroll around the park and got to know each other. This man is much older and is more interested in conversation and doing activates with which I am perfectly fine with and love it as much as the other two sugar daddies. I can’t wait to see where our relationship goes and I hope my sugar daddy story allowed you to see how great these arrangements are!