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Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby – Forever!

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby,
sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
Then comes marriage,
Then comes… well no babies but fast cars, horses and lots of presents!

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby – Going Strong!

I am so very, very happy. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby are just meant to be together. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby just so complete each other. Both sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby are taking on the world together! Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby say “In your face, haters!” Can you solve the sugar daddy quiz?

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby – Yeah, Baby!

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby

My sugar daddy is the best sugar daddy in the whole world. He does not talk down to me and he is so very, very smart that he even makes the special waiters in the fancy restaurants look dumb (and those guys are way smarter than anyone I’ve ever dated before).

Sugar daddy loves his sugar baby and he shows his love in so many ways. I was worried about dating a guy his age (y’know, they aren’t as fit and they have heart attacks and stuff) but I was stupid to think that way. My sugar daddy runs triathlons and has a tighter body than any of the teenagers I slept with. He also knows his way around my body better than I do! Sugar daddy buys me things that keep me happy and shows me a great time by taking me to special places.

My sugar daddy is incredibly generous

I have 20 dogs (sugar daddy doesn’t like the dogs so be bought me a house with a whole wing for the dogs to live in and a special place just for us), a credit card and a cute gay guy who drives me around. Last week we were in a place called “The Empty Quarter” (which was odd as it was filled with Land Cruisers and guys wearing tea towels on their heads) and I got to ride a camel! I loved it so much that sugar daddy bought me three!

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby will be together forever and don’t you forget it. He completes me. He can make such smart decisions and he makes so much money. I’m so sexy and fun and I’m so good at spending his money too! I know that we were meant to be together. Even my real daddy loves my Sugar Daddy. Father dearest has been given his own house and sometimes goes shooting with Sugar Daddy. Its a bit weird to be honest because Sugar Daddy has shared the website he met me on with my father. I know Sugar Daddy is ten years older than dad but it would freak me out a bit if I became step mother to a girl my age… Heh, who cares? He could never be as happy as Sugar Daddy and me!