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sugar daddy terms


sugar daddy terms – what it is


Many girls might want a sugar daddy but they may also worry what the sugar daddy terms could be? After all, a sugar daddy is supposed to give his sugar babe gifts and maybe money in return for love and companionship. At least, that’s the traditional concept. However, your sugar daddy terms can be anything you want them to be. The most important thing when negotiating sugar daddy terms with your prospective sugar daddy or sugar babe is that you both end up with an arrangement you’re comfortable with. There’s no point arranging sugar daddy terms and then feeling unhappy about them as the relationship won’t work.

Think of sugar daddy terms a little along the lines of a relaxed kind of prenup arrangement. Certain expectations and conditions are set out at the beginning which helps a new relationship to run smoothly. Also, if there are any problems, it’s easier to iron these out by referring to the sugar daddy terms. Of course, not everyone entering a relationship wants to have terms and conditions attached. However, the reality in this day and age is that relationships chance and can even break down. Therefore, a set of terms isn’t a bad idea, no matter how strange it might feel at the time of implementation!

sugar daddy terms – a relationship

Sugar babes may feel slightly anxious about the level of commitment a sugar daddy will want from them. This extends to sexual commitment as well as spending time as a companion with a sugar daddy. While some sugar babes might be happy to fling themselves into a full physical relationship with their sugar daddy, some might want to take things more slowly. Indeed, this could be the same as far as a sugar daddy is concerned. He may or may not have certain expectations of what his sugar babe should do or be and failing to clarify these at the start will only cause anxiety to both parties!sugar daddy terms

So, what would a set of sugar daddy terms actually look like if put down on paper? Firstly, there would be a clause on the level of commitment to expect. Secondly, there would be something about the amount of time you’ll spend together, including where, when and how you’ll spend that time. Thirdly there may be a financial clause in terms of any regular payments a sugar daddy may make to his sugar babe. Finally, there could be a clause about what to do when things go wrong (almost like a mediation or dispute resolution clause).

sugar daddy terms- the best solution

Ultimately, sugar daddy terms are up to individuals, but if you’re a modern, forward thinking individual with a good business head, it may seem like a good idea to implement your own terms sooner rather than later.