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sugar daddy wanted for a new life


There are many theories that try to suggest the success of any sugar relationship. Above all the theories that people give, experience is the most important factor that will give way to a successful and a happy relationship. You need to understand that, different sugar daddies have different wants and dislikes from a sugar baby. They will enter into a sugar relationship, expecting to get some things and qualities. As a sugar baby, you need to identify this needs, in order to maintain your sugar daddy. When i first secured a handsome sugar day, there were very many qualities my sugar daddy wanted from me. In the terms of agreement, my sugar daddy wanted a sophisticated and an elegant lady. I made sure i wooed him with my charms, and he was very happy with me. Sugar relationship is all about adoring one another:

My sugar daddy wanted me to be very attractive at all times

and he could adore me whenever we meet. I always respected him, and he would respect me in return. Another thing my sugar daddy wanted from me: was being more than his money. One day, i got tempted and asked him to disclose some financial details to me. The impression he made on his face, suggested to me that i should not have asked such a question.

sugar daddy wanted

sugar daddy wanted

To make your sugar relationship work well, do not jump into asking him financial disclosures, because he will feel that, money to you is important than him. This will create a bad impression in your relationship. My sugar daddy wanted me to set aside intimacy moments with him, in my schedule. Just like any other man in any other type of relationship, a sugar daddy will want his sugar baby to enjoy several intimacy moments together. Sometimes my sugar daddy would pick me up very late in the evening, and i knew i had to satisfy that need to him. Since he was married, my sugar daddy wanted me to respect his family boundaries at all cost. No sugar daddy will want a sugar baby, who will cause troubles to his wife, or to the kids if he has one.

My sugar daddy wanted me to adapt to his lifestyle

Whenever he would request for me: late in the evenings, i would know that he want to escape from his family, to relax and to settle his mind. To make your sugar daddy happy, you need to be always available for him, whenever he needs you. Giving excuses in order to avoid him will not augur well in your relationship. All what my sugar daddy wanted was adaptability: i had to adapt to his evening and weekends routines to avoid chaos, and also to get what I wanted.