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Sugar Daddy wanted – how to get his attention


Sugar Daddy Wanted


I have always dreamed of being swept off my feet by some Christian Grey type character – well, more helicopter than BDSM obviously – but for years it remained just that, a wonderful fantasy. However, following a string of failed romances with “normal” guys, I began to wonder what if? What if I could actually find a financially successful man who wanted nothing more than a lovely lady to spoil? What if there was a website where I could look for this kind of thing? I mentioned it to a friend who said simply, “sounds like you need to post a Sugar Daddy Wanted ad!” So I simply searched the internet with the keywords “sugar daddy wanted” and found


Sugar Daddy Wanted –


I could see that there were plenty of successful men signed up to this site, as well as a whole host of very attractive looking women. I worried that I might not be attractive enough to stand out amongst them.Sugar Daddy Wanted Cue my friend again! Over a few glasses of wine, she opened my eyes to what these men might be looking for and how, with some confidence, some nice clothes and decent make-up I could easily compare with any of those ladies. So, with some excitement and trepidation, I completed my profile and had another glass of wine!


Sugar Daddy Wanted – I’m out there!

Within a couple of days I got my first contact from a guy who suggested we meet in the lobby of an upmarket hotel nearby then go for dinner at a swanky restaurant. I was elated but also scared to death! But then I thought about all the reasons why I would make a perfect sugar baby and I decided to just go for it! He and I had a fantastic time and I thoroughly enjoyed cocktails in the bar followed by champagne with my meal. He even brought me a little gift of a gold bracelet. This was certainly what I’d had in mind when I posted my Sugar Daddy Wanted ad!

Sugar Daddy Wanted – what’s next?

I have seen this first sugar daddy a couple more times and each time have been made to feel truly special. Neither of us wants it to be a serious or monogamous relationship so I have met with a few more guys who replied to my Sugar Daddy Wanted ad. I am currently having a lot of fun and am gaining heaps of self-confidence, as well as a lot of lovely jewellery! If you are the kind of girl who likes being complimented and thoroughly spoilt, do like me and post a Sugar Daddy Wanted ad!