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Sugar Daddy Wish List

Creating the sugar daddy wish list.

So what would you want in a sugar daddy wish list? Apart from just having the money (which goes without saying).

The first thing must be that they live nearby, you don’t want a partner that you never see. This seems like a big minus for any internet dating, but the various internet site look into how far away you want a potential date to live.
Going back to the money, which no sugar daddy wish list be without, we come down to the trappings of success. A company car, possibly? Two cars? More than two houses? A flat in the city? They should have big things to impress…

Next on the sugar daddy wish list is that they keep themselves fit

Okay, they need to keep up with you in different ways but also they need to be something to look at. A sense of humour may be usual, but opinion is divided. After all, you don’t want someone too funny. Do you require to be rather coarse with their humour, or someone who doesn’t joke about the bathroom and other naughty things? Your sugar daddy wish list might suggest strong views on the matter.

Sugar Daddy Wish List

Is it on their sugar daddy wish list that they be intelligent?

Again it varies, you might want them to spend them time in a book? Do you want someone compassionate, kind to animals for instance? Or maybe you want someone a bit mean and Moody? Not too mean…
Being loving is important, should that be further up the sugar daddy wish list? Never mind, let’s put it up there now. I don’t think anyone noticed. Let’s highlight it, just to make sure.
Remembering anniversaries, birthdays, things important to you? Are you sure you don’t want a superman here? Sorry, it was just a comment. I’m sure that man exists out there. They must be findable, with the right dating site. It might take a bit of time, but they are out there. The perfect specimen of manhood. Just waiting around.
Something to talk about or maybe sweet nothings? Someone to show off to friends? Not quite a trophy boyfriend, but one that you might find on a plinth?
And so the sugar daddy wish list goes on…