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Diary of my sugar daddy


Diary of my sugar daddy experience.


Sugar dating has become a common thing in this recent years. It is some thing that has gotten a lot of talks. people are accepting this new lifestyle of sugar dating. A former sugar baby tells me of her experiences with a sugar daddy. She has been very open on the journey.

“To be honest I am a very shy person”. Starts Grace. “I am 26 years old I sugar date. This is the diary of my sugar daddy experience. I became a sugar baby at 23 years. I had just graduated and was looking to make my mark as an actress. Making it big was the dream to me. I am so emotional and passionate in the personal diary of my sugar daddy experience.


Why I got in to writing my diary of my sugar daddy on paper.

To me, this was an experience and I let my thoughts fly by writing about my day. Keeping a diary of my sugar daddy experience was fun but as time by I stopped because of privacy issues. I didn’t want anyone reading my personal stuff. My first sugar daddy was a very well behaved person but things didn’t work out.

Tell me about your journey on sugar dating.I asked Grace to explain.
Finding my next sugar daddy- Diary of my sugar daddy. This is very easy nowadays because of the internet connection. I met all my sugar daddies online is sugar dating sites. The diary of my sugar daddy is different from other sugar babies. Kelly continued confidently. I have heard a lot of sugar stories where sugar babies say that they went through hell to find a sugar daddy or about how they met their sugar daddies in clubs. I know that it happens because there are success stories about that.

My second sugar daddy was very generous. I had a lot of fun with him living this lifestyle that I could get over. That is why I still have the diary of my sugar daddy experience so close to my heart. I enjoyed travelling he gave me that, gave me crazy money and treated me with so much respect. He introduced me to important people in the casting industry and I am now starring in movies.Grace takes a long pause.


How does it feel knowing that you are getting with this person for money and success?

In the diary of my sugar daddy, one can see that I am very ambitious but I have ultimate respect and care for my sugar daddy. He was very kind to me and our agreements are very clear. I care for him as a person because we spend so much time together travelling. Grace concluded.