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The best shows to have your Sugar Baby SMITTEN

The uniqueness element for a sugar baby or daddy

Have you sugar baby or sugar daddy ever wondered what is it that you are going to bring to the table in such a saturated sea of things to do while on a date? Of course you could spend every single day of your life choosing all different types of activities to  woe your  girl or impress your man and succeeding at it. But the question here  is how you do just that and absolutely blow your date away with outstanding display of wit by making direct reference between your dating and the world of show business, where  everything  is actually  possible. Following  a recent piece on how  to date with confidence we have extended this topic to the best operas to watch together. I mean, you don’t have to be an opera or ballet aficionado to enjoy a good serving of caviar and  champagne at a crystal  covered Victorian  ballroom during intervals. Not to mention the productions, which can be quite endearing.

La traviata –  demimonde, cocotte or simply sugar baby?

It is a wonder how it is simply human nature to make small issues sometimes a tad bigger. Be that to sprinkle a little more fun onto life or to alienate those groups who we  want  far from  us; as it so often happens  to sugar babies or  daddies. Just as an allegory  to this, I  was talking to  a friend exactly  about La  Traviata,  one of most regular  productions  at the Royal  Opera House in London, and while  we briefly read the   plot summary   off some website,   it defined the main   character as a “demimondaine”.  Not having a clue  about what that meant  we went on to look it up on  the dictionary  of synonyms and  it read: fancy woman,  harlot, cocotte and finally whore! We could not help ourselves but to crack up hysterically. La traviata is one of the most breathtaking musical experiences you will ever go through in life, not least because  of its highly  enchanting and charismatic  character Violetta.  And so this description found online of what she really is is perfect example that if people are not seen for who they are, one is bound to miss out lot of fun times and personal growth in life.

A full spoon of sugar will not make the medicine go down well in this case.

As  mentioned  above, Violetta  is a lady of fun  in La traviata. She  lives in a mansion and  is well  known for  her lavish and  glamour house parties.  La traviata is an old expression in Italian that means someone with low moral standards but funny enough society’s  men of reputation  and high moral standards  all loved her parties. By  the way,  we do  hope in  the long run,  that sugar baby or a sugar daddy will convey something a lot more fruitful than what it does now. But back on track, Violetta is fun loving  full of  life and sassy  and she is introduced  to a young man who she  falls in love  despite  having promised  herself never to  do so again. All fiery  love which is developed between the  two of them is  compromised by his  scheming father who aims to destroy that relationship. La  traviata  is one of  the most played  operas around  the world.   Don’t miss the opportunity to show your sugar baby or sugar daddy what you are made of!

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