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person writing down relationship do's and don'ts

Relationship Do’s n’ Don’ts (Part I): DO THIS

Love is unique and so is every relationship. However, there are some fundamental principles that, when followed, tend to make relationships easier. No matter if you’ve been with your partner for a long time or just have got together, you should abide by these relationship do’s and don’ts:

By Luna


A couple having a romantic dinner

Showing love through acts

In the last articles, we explain what are the 5 Love Languages and describe how natives of the languages “physical touch“, “words of affirmation” and “quality time” express and recognize love. Today it is time to talk about those people who consciously or unconsciously love through acts of service. How can we make them feel […]

By elma


The 5 love languages

Do you and your partner speak the same Love Language?

After several years of profession, the couple therapist Gary Chapman noticed that the roots of many couple’s problems were the incongruency in their ways of expressing love. The couples reported that they were always trying so hard to demonstrate their feeling to the other person, but did not felt as loved in return. In this […]

By elma


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