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potential-sugar baby on date with an experienced sugar daddy

What Does an Experienced Sugar Daddy Expect from a Potential Sugar Baby?

Are you tired of dealing with salt daddies and wanna-be sugar daddies? Do you dream of finding and keeping an experienced sugar daddy that won’t waste your time and will treat you like you deserve? This is what you should know about the expectations of experienced sugar daddies. By meeting them, you can significantly increase […]

By Luna


What a Sugar Baby wants from her Sugar Daddy

Sugar Babies answer: What do you want from your Sugar Daddy?

Sugar dating is not really new. However, it is a type of relationship that remains unknown to many people. In the past few years, this kind of arrangement caught up some attention of the media. Together with that, a lot of misunderstandings about the topic emerged on the Internet. One of the most common fallacies […]

By elma


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