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sexy but not vulgar woman at cafe wearing light makeup

Sexy But Not Vulgar: The Top 10 Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Sugar daddies are sophisticated men known for their good taste, elegance and success. For this reason, it is of extreme importance to look sexy but not vulgar when in their company. Do you want to know how? Follow our tips to avoid the most common mistakes and never fail to impress your sugar daddy ever […]

By Luna


Survival of the sexiest explained

Sexual Selection and the Survival of the Sexiest

Among the animals, it is common to find specific traits that somehow make them more attractive to sexual partners. That is the case, for example, of the male peacocks and their long and colourful tails. And what if I tell you that the same is also true for humans?! Can you think about which are […]

By elma


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