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Girl on a Yacht

Yacht, a status symbol

The perfect millionaire is not complete without a luxury Yacht. It is the ultimate symbol that he won at life. With a Yacht, every trip turns into a real adventure. Whether the Caribbean or Spain, the travel possibilities are limitless, since the rich man simply has his own Yacht in every region.So back to this […]

By elma


relationship with a sugar daddy

Relationship with a sugar daddy

Relationship with a Sugar Daddy – how to make it awesome for both Being a sugar baby is harder than it looks. It’s not just about being arm candy to a successful and busy man. You also need to entertain and comfort your sugar daddy after a long day. A good relationship takes effort and […]

By Lukas


sugar daddy agency

Sugar Daddy Agency

Sugar Daddy Agency – A Guide to Choosing Wisely There has been a steep rise in the number of sugar daddy agencies as the popularity of sugar daddy dating has soared over the past decade. For many sugar babies, especially the shy ones, this is a blessing. It makes getting a sugar daddy much easier […]

By Lukas


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