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“Too High” Expectations: This Might Be Why You Haven’t Found a Sugar Daddy Yet

Many of our users are still single because they are looking for the perfect sugar daddy. I don’t blame them for it! The problem is when they see flaws in everyone and end up constantly disappointed. What can you do about allegedly too high expectations?

Let’s find out!

When your expectations are too high

sugar baby with high expectations thinking

Some people have such high expectations that they are known for them. Friends and family even warn them that it can lead to never finding the right person.

But can lowering your expectations and being in a relationship with a person full of flaws make someone happy? I highly doubt so! In this article, I would like to explain how to find the perfect partner for you without lowering your expectations.


What expectations matter most to you?

The first step in finding what you want is to understand what you want. Not having a clear idea of what we like and what we absolutely cannot stand only creates confusion and will not get us anywhere. If, on the other hand, you can come up with a list of the characteristics that are really important to you in a partner, then you have taken a big step forward.

This undoubtedly requires a lot of introspection. Don’t forget to be honest with yourself. Forget about what others would like in a partner.

Moreover, own your high expectations: if you consider it important for your future partner to be rich and successful, don’t be ashamed of it. Admit to yourself that this is one of the main characteristics for you and only initiate contact with someone who meets your high expectations. Otherwise, you will get frustrated.

sugar baby that knows what is important to her with successful sugar daddy on yacht

So do you want your partner to know how to cook, give you lots of compliments, love to cuddle, be confident, wealthy? Do you want him to be dominant or to let you lead?

Answering these types of questions will make your search much easier and you’ll be able to better communicate your expectations to potential partners. And remember that there are no right or wrong answers.

Don’t be too quick to judge

When you’ve figured out which personality traits are really important to you and why, try to figure out whether or not the potential partner exhibits them. But don’t be too quick to discard him!

Don’t draw too many conclusions based on a single behavior. If a man isn’t a millionaire, it doesn’t mean he isn’t working hard to succeed. If he happened to complain once or twice, it doesn’t mean he always does.

In short, don’t draw conclusions too hastily, but rather, try to read him, for example by asking the right questions.