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Top 3 Myths about Sugar Relationships

Sugar relationships might be news to many of you. However, this kind of arrangement is not necessarily new (Royal mistresses are there to prove it right). Anyway, sugar dating is frequently cited as one form of modern love. Though, it has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. With popularity, inevitably, some myths around the topic rise. But most of them are propagated by people who have zero experience with the theme. That’s why today we are here to deconstruct the top 3 myths about Sugar Relationships; after all, we’ve got the expertise for that.

Myths about Sugar Relationships

Myths about Sugar Relationships

“Sugar relationships are not a real relationship.”

What is a relationship, but a connection between two people? In a Sugar Relationship, there is a Sugar Baby and a Sugar Daddy who chose to be with each other. So what is it missing to configure a “real” relationship? NOTHING!

What differs this relationship from others is its level of honesty and maturity. Sugar babies and daddies are people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to discuss it with one another. I’d say it qualifies not only as a real relationship but as the most real among the romantic relationships.

Myths about Sugar Relationships

“Sugar babies are used by Sugar daddies.”

Let’s make it clear; a sugar relationship is based on the consent of both parties. So when two adults decide to be together and establish mutual benefits they want to have by being together, how come one person is being used? It makes absolutely no sense.

Sugar babies are independent and empowered women. They are not afraid of speaking out loud their ambitions and goals — nothing else than that.

Myths about Sugar Relationships

“Sugar babies have father issues.”

This myth originates basically from the prejudice against age gap relationships, and of course, has no psychological foundation at all. Sugar babies seek intelligent, successful, and generous men. Usually, these characteristics come combined with maturity, and so what?? Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or a guy. Being with an older partner does not mean you have parents issues. It simply means you are a person that is not afraid of breaking these silly social rules to live what is best for you.

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