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Whale Daddy: Everything You Need to Know ✅ Finding & Getting One

Do you dream BIG? Then, maybe a regular sugar daddy will not cut it for you and a whale daddy is what you should be looking for. Find out what a whale sugar daddy is, why you should date one and, more importantly, how to land one!

Whale daddy: definition

whale daddy representation showing a graffiti of a whale and a shirtless man

A whale daddy, also known as a whale sugar daddy or simply a whale, is basically a very generous sugar daddy. However, there are different ways to define them.

The most important criteria are the following. A whale daddy:

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This kind of sugar daddy can also be defined by net worth. However, this is not a reliable measurement because one’s net worth is not necessarily proportional to their generosity, as some people are simply stingy, no matter how much money they have.

Another way of defining the term is as a sugar daddy who pays significantly above average. The problem with this definition is that it depends on your area’s average, which might be very hard to find out since there are hardly any public statistics about these figures.

The most objective definition we were able to find was the following: a whale daddy is a sugar daddy that is able and willing to pay for at least one of the items below:

As you can see, this concept goes hand in hand with generosity and a deep interest in the sugar baby’s happiness and long-term success. A whale daddy wants you to be the best version of yourself and derives pleasure from watching you blossom 🙂

The origin of the term

whale daddy graffitti

We were able to find two possible origins for the term whale sugar daddy. The first one is an allusion to Moby Dick, a whale that is an object of great desire, but that does not let itself be captured. Unlike this famous book character, the kind of whales we are talking about here do let themselves be caught 😉 Quite the opposite: they are looking forward to it!

The other explanation is that it comes from Las Vegas’ gambling scene (source): “The casino will consider you a whale if you begin to get over the $1M bankroll mark. Whales have a normal budget of $1M to $20M and could easily be up or down millions in a weekend. Their bets are usually more than $25,000 per hand and take delight in the very best freebies, comps, and other perks from the casino.”

Do they really exist?

We all know that there are some things that are too good to be true. But whale daddies are not one of them, as several testimonials online can attest. Here are a couple of examples:

Whale daddy in real life: How is it like to date one?

Here are some of the highlights of the testimonials above:

An anonymous user said “The reliability that comes from being in a SR with a whale. I never have to question when my allowance will arrive ever. Looking at him, you’d never guess his net worth. How down to earth he is and how genuinely sweet and caring he is.”

A sugar daddy on an ex-sugar baby who had an arrangement with a whale: “About 8 years ago, I had a SB. I was her 1st. She dumped me for a whale. She became a NBA cheerleader while we were together and found herself a whale. I saw her about a year ago, she has her own business, he funded. He bought her a 4000 square foot garden home and she drives a 100k Mercedes. I saw the jewelry she had on and it was at least 75k. I don’t believe he is a NBA player, most have left the team but whoever he is, she is truly spoiled.”

Other accounts include sugar daddies that helped their sugar babies start their own businesses, who take them on month-long vacations around the globe, who paid off their debt, who taught them how to invest money and so on. We are talking about the most expensive cars, bags and jewellery, the most exclusive parties and vacations resorts, the dream life.

In short, thanks to them, these women are now set up for life. Some of these stories include love, romance and even marriage and kids!

Why to date a whale

whale daddy with sugar baby having champagne at beach

There are many reasons why you should not miss the opportunity to date a whale:

The downsides of dating whales

Just like everything else in life, nothing is perfect. There are some potential problems that are a consequence to dating whales. Here are some of them. They might…

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How to find one

The process to land a whale daddy is not radically different from that to find and land a sugar daddy.

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The biggest difference is that you will have to become the kind of woman he would date. So think about the millionaire/billionaire lifestyle. How is their life like? What kind of woman do they desire? How do these women dress like? How do they behave? Where do they go? What do they talk about? What makes them irresistibly attractive? And, most importantly: how can you become one of them?

Then, the next step is to give your best to become that woman, someone who would be interesting to and a match to a whale daddy. Your sugaring profile will have to reflect that clearly too (find out how to boost your sugar dating profile here). This might require lots of investment and dedication. However, as you can see from our list of advantages of dating such a sugar daddy, it is well worth it!

Having said that, we wish you:

Happy whaling!