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What is a Sugar Babe? Definition and Facts

What is a sugar babe? – Introduction

Over the last few years there have been plenty of podcasts, documentaries, and magazine articles that have tried to explain this to the public: what is a sugar babe?

So, what is a sugar babe exactly? Well, it depends on who ou ask; it’s not fair to generalize because everybody’s arrangement is different. For instance, you could ask a casual, non-exclusive couple “what is a sugar babe?” and the answer you’d get would center on there being a mutual understanding between an older gentleman with money and a younger lady who needs the money.

What is a Sugar Babe

She may need it for studying, for clothes, to pay the car note, a combination of all of the above or something completely different. Of course there’s sex involved; if that’s what he wants, he’ll get what he wants…but she has to get what she wants. The sugar daddy may have other girls on the payroll too, but as long as everything’s above board and transparent from the beginning it’s all good.

Then, however, you could pose the “what is a sugar babe?” question to another couple where he wants a certain level exclusivity. This means that the young cutie can’t go around sweetening the lives of other wealthy men. She may imply or even threaten that she’s going to go elsewhere, but it’s all part of the tease. She’ll make him her number one daddy…as long as he can bankroll the lifestyle she wants.

what is a sugar babe? Realtalk:

Let’s be honest: there is a cuckold aspect to the sugar lifestyle that’s exciting for some men. It’s not for nothing that ‘cuck’ is one of the most popular genres of pornography, and much of the same psychology applies in the sugar daddy/ sugar baby dynamic.

Then again, who knows? The relationship could turn into something real over time, and the answer to “what is a sugar babe?” could change six months down the road.

Of course, it’s not just older men and younger women. If you ask one of the countless young homosexual men involved in the lifestyle “what is a sugar babe?”, they’ll tell you that it’s an ambitious young man who receives not only the cash and gifts, but also the tutelage of an older, more experienced professional gay man. Of course, he does have to go down or let himsef be blown now and again.

So what is a sugar babe at the end of the day? Is it a prostitute? Is it an apprentice? Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Is it a fling? The answer is that it’s all of these things, or maybe none of them.

Still, if you’ve been curious for some time now about the lifestyle, there’s only one way to answer the “what is a sugar babe?” question.