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Why Does It Feel So Good to Have a Reliable Sugar Daddy?

On this cold winter day, I stopped to contemplate why it feels so good to have a reliable sugar daddy — to the point that we spend hours a week looking for one and wondering if he will be there for us the next day.

Here’s what I found out:

It all started with a feeling

As hundreds of mornings this year, it took me long to leave bed. Usually, I’d wake up feeling kinda meh, grab my phone and distract myself with cute animal pictures from Reddit. Instead, I decided to do like they say in hundreds of YouTube videos (like this) and “stay with my feelings”.

sugar baby distracting from her feelings in bed with her phone

So I did my best to empty my mind completely and recognize what I was feeling and where. It wasn’t as easy as it might sound! What I noticed was an unpleasant feeling in my belly, like pressure on my stomach.

Then I noticed my mind wasn’t quiet at all: there were many thoughts swirling around in my head, all related to how I would make ends meet despite the pandemic.

What if my sugar daddy suddenly decided not to see me anymore? What if he found someone more attractive and fun than me? What if I lose my job? What if… what if… what if… At some point, I noticed my emotional investigation wasn’t going anywhere, so I went on with my day as usual.

anxious sugar baby

But then I decided to talk about this with my therapist. Had I gotten the “feeling” thing wrong?

It turns out, you can’t get it wrong. She easily found a name for what I was feeling: anxiety. It’s a perfectly normal feeling that tends to crop up whenever people worry too much about the future. It’s a natural reaction to uncertainty.

And that brought me to my realization about sugar daddies:

Reliable sugar daddies are good against anxiety

reliable sugar daddy helping sugar baby feel less anxious

We yearn for a reliable sugar daddy as much as we yearn for certainty and security. Our lives would be much easier if we had more people we can rely on. Otherwise, we feel fragile, breakable, vulnerable to the negative consequences of any decision or change outside of us.

Living like that is stressful as hell. And that’s why I wish for a stable sugar arrangement and, therefore, a reliable sugar daddy. Another thing that would definitely help would be to become an empowered sugar baby. Here’s how.

If you are a sugar daddy and want to be that person for your sugar baby, check out this post on “How to be a reliable sugar daddy” that will come out next week.