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Will you be my sugar daddy?

Will You Be My Sugar Daddy If I Have A Boyfriend?

Will you be my sugar daddy?

Will you be my sugar daddy?

A sugar relationship is a relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy and in some cases a sugar mummy and a sugar boy. Typically, a sugar daddy is a rich and mature man, relatively older, who prefers dating a younger woman. The sugar baby is a young and attractive woman that knows exactly what she needs and her goal is to achieve it and enjoy life.

‘Will you be my sugar daddy if I have a boyfriend’ is a question that most sugar babies ask themselves. You find that a girl has a boyfriend but since the boyfriend cannot meet her financial needs, she seeks it from a sugar daddy. The answer r to this question is relative. While most sugar daddies may not be comfortable with this kind of arrangement, there are some that will agree to it.

You need to sit down with your sugar daddy and be open with him. Ask the question directly “will you be my sugar daddy and still let me retain my boyfriend?” Remember that this man will be meeting your financial needs. Apart from that, he is still a man that is bound to get jealous at some point. If he is not comfortable with the triangle arrangement, respect his decision. At this point, it is up to you to make your choice. Either you leave you boyfriend or the sugar daddy.

Will You Be My Sugar Daddy If You Have A Wife Already?

Most sugar daddies are already married or in a serious relationship. It is not so often that you will meet a sugar daddy who is single. Thus when you ask the question ‘will you be my sugar daddy if you have a wife’, it becomes some sort of a rhetorical question unless you are hoping to meet a divorced man.

The married men seek a relationship with a sugar baby because probably they just want to have fun or they are missing something in their marriage. This is where you come in as the sugar baby to satisfy him. However, when you are dating a married sugar daddy, you need to be discreet about the relationship.

Will You Be My Sugar Daddy If I Am Young And Attractive?

Most girls think to themselves ‘I am beautiful. Will you be my sugar daddy?’ beauty is the first thing that a sugar daddy will look for in a sugar baby. However, there are other qualities that you need to possess to fully qualify as a sugar baby. First, you have to be fun to be with. A sugar daddy wants a girl whose company he can enjoy. In addition, you need to be smart, intelligent and educated. A sugar baby falling in love with her generous sponsor is what he dreams of.

Will you be my sugar daddy? Now you know the answers to this question. He can be your sugar daddy. You only need to be the right sugar baby for him.