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Types of Sugar Baby: the One Willing to Compromise

This is part 2 of our series about the types of sugar baby. This time, we’ll be talking about sugar babies who are particularly willing to compromise. We’ll answer questions like: why they became sugar babies? And what they expect from their sugar daddies?

The sugar baby ready to compromise

Unlike the gold digger, the sugar baby who is willing to compromise is someone who isn’t exclusively after the sugar daddy’s money. She knows that both sides can and should benefit from a sugar relationship. For this reason, as the name suggests, she is willing to compromise. After all, she is the one who needs money to fulfill her wishes and is willing to put in effort for it. One hand washes the other. She firmly believes in giving and receiving.

sugar baby thinking about compromise while having coffee

It usually starts with a financial emergency. Yes, that’s true of a lot of sugar babies. Not only women who are so willing to compromise that become sugar babies. But this kind of thinking makes her more likely to enter the sugar bowl. She knows that a sugar daddy can get her out of trouble — and all she has to do is look pretty and be friendly in return. As she is very pragmatic, she always considers every situation from all sides before deciding what to do.

She is relatively easy to please

sugar baby looking at sugar daddy after striking a compromise

Being open to compromises naturally makes her easier to please. She’s often more inclined to do things despite of not really wanting to. That might even be the reason why she chose to become a sugar baby, especially if much older guys aren’t her type. On the other hand, she might find sugar relationships not as unpleasant as other women. After all, she is used to do things that are just out of their comfort zone. As long as both benefit from it, nearly everything is fine with her.

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To be continued

So stay tuned!

sugar baby on her laptop

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