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And the prize for worst sex goes to…

Whether sex was the best or the worst of all time is usually a matter of subjectivity. How would it be possible to compare two experiences if they could be perceived differently by each of the participants?

Believe it or not, there is a prize that intends to do exactly that! It is the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. But why was such an award created? Here are some curiosities about this unusual award.

The “award” for the worst sex in the world

I say “award” in quotes because, frankly, I don’t know if I’d like to be in the shoes of the “awarded”. Actually, after having read this article by a nominee, I’m sure I wouldn’t. But come on, officially, it’s called an award.

girl reading one of the books nominated for the bad sex awards

The Bad Sex in Fiction Award was created in 1993 and is awarded annually by the British magazine Literary Review to English-speaking authors. The worst sex scene description of the year wins.

No, this is not an award for which authors consciously strive to win. Authors of erotic literature are not nominated — good for them! Its goal is to draw attention to and warn authors who use vague, tasteless and unnecessary erotic scene descriptions just to increase sales.

If I made you curious, you can find some passages of the last nominees and winners in this article.

The worst in the sugar world

Have you heard of Reddit? It is a very popular social network around the world, especially in the United States, where users create and share content. Each user has the right to give a vote to signify whether or not they liked what was posted, which influences the position of the post so that the most popular content appears on top.

girl covering her face after reading some of the worst sex scenes ever written

In it we find forums like the Sugar Lifestyle Forum, where users post questions about the sugar world and receive answers from Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies from around the world. One of them was “how bad was the worst sex with your sd/sb“? Do you agree with the answer that was voted the “best”?

And you, Sugar Baby, have come across a Sugar Daddy worthy of the real-life worst sex award? I hope not, but if so, share your experience in the comments below so we can laugh together!

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